Genshagen Foundation

The Genshagen Foundation was created as the Berlin-Brandenburg Institute for German and French Co-operation in 1993. The foundation promotes dialogue between politics and civil society for cultural and political cooperation, especially between Germany, France and Poland.

Pursuing the idea of the “Weimar Triangle” – created by the Foreign Ministers of Germany, France and Poland in 1991 as an institutionalised forum for dialogue at government level – Stiftung Genshagen increasingly includes the Polish neighbours in its activities.

Since 2009 the foundation is working in the departments “Artistic and cultural mediation in Europe" and "European Dialogue - Thinking Europe politically".

The Genshagen Foundation is known and respected not only in Germany, but also in France and Poland. Qualitative discussions of current political, economical and social topics in a European context take place in a controversial and constructive atmosphere. Genshagen welcomes both political representatives and members of civic society.

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Call for applications: We are looking for our new team for Europe-Mobile!

In 2018, from September 04 to September 29, Europe-Mobile returns once again to the federal state of Brandenburg in Germany. Students of European studies, Political, Social or Cultural Sciences as well as Economics or other relevant disciplines from all EU countries can apply until July 01, 2018!

Call for Applications

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Europe-Mobile ended up its tour!

“The project provided me with new perspectives and teaching methods as well as the feeling that we are all part of Europe. The exchange with the pupils was fun and I am sure that we aroused their curiosity about Europe.”
(Teresa Herrmann, Student, Germany)

„After this experience, I consider an exchange year somewhere in Europe.“(Pupil, Brandenburg)