Europe-Mobile-Team 2017

Europe-Mobile Team

Why participate in Europe-Mobile?

Participants gain practical experience in an international project environment and enrich their knowledge about issues related to European integration process.The students develop the programme themselves during a preparatory week of seminars prior to the travel.

During the whole project period assistance of two professional instructors is provided. The instructors act as seminar leaders and coaches, since they are experts in the field of pedagogical training as well as European integration.

“Participating in this project has been a very constructive experience for me, because I learned a lot personally, but also because it changed my vision of what Europe needs today.” (Appolonia, student 2009)

Vera Brand

My name is Vera and I am 27 years old. I am from the German city Stuttgart and I studied French cultural science and Intercultural communication at the University of Saarland. Soon, I will begin a trinational Master in Literary, Cultural and Language History of German-Speaking Regions. I strongly believe that communication is the best way to get to know other cultures and to develop relations between European countries. I already had the chance to live in France for one and a half year and besides French I also speak German, English and Spanish as well as a tiny bit of Swedish. Other interests of mine are p.e. going to the theatre, walking around in nature and playing Headis – if you’ve never heard of it before, I’ll show it to you! I am glad to be one of the twenty lucky students participating in the project Europe-Mobile 2017 and I am looking forward to build up a European network with you!

Paolina Daskalova

I am Paolina, 23 years old, from Varna, Bulgaria. I did my bachelor degree on Political Science in English in Sofia.
Travelling and cultural exchange have recently become the strongest means to shape my personality. My driving force is the believe. Thus, my main focus has become the young people where one can work for strong and conscious civil society. The latter can affect the future of our continent by making being an European a virtue for each one of us. :)

Xavier Deruytter

My name is Xavier Deruytter and I´m 27 years old. I live in Roeselare, Belgium and have a heart for travel, culture, human rights and French Flanders. I have been on workshop weeks and congresses in Slovenia, Estonia and Sweden. After a visit to the European Youth Centre in Strasbourg France, I saw which opportunities Europe holds in its core.
Europeanisation is a course topic of my studies political sciences at University of Ghent. People don’t feel or don’t see immediately the benefits of the Europe/member states relationships. That is why it is an honour to join a project that brings the European Union closer to young people. #WeareEurope

Lauren Duffy

Hi! My name is Lauren and I have just completed my undergraduate degree in International Relations and Politics at the University of Plymouth. I thoroughly enjoyed the content of the course and I would like to further pursue my interest in European and global affairs through my participation in Europe-Mobile. I hope to learn more about European integration and the future of it, particularly in the light of the BREXIT vote. I look forward to the project as it will give me the opportunity to meet a diverse range of people, travel to new places and transfuse my knowledge to the next generation. In my spare time I like to run, climb and paint!

Jernej Grahor

My name is Jernej and I am a European. I am currently finishing my undergraduate studies at the faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana, field of European studies. My life would not be the same, if it were not for the time spent in two non-governmental organizations that gave me so much experience and unforgettable moments; a youth organization of the Slovene Scouts and a student’s organization AEGEE-Ljubljana.I like traveling and meeting new people along the way as it is the best way to broaden your horizons, build tolerance and understanding towards others. That is a skillset that Europe currently lacks and needs, to build a better future.

Lovro Klinar

Im Lovro and I come from a small village in Slovenia. I am 21 years old and I study European Studies in University of Ljubljana. I am a member of an NGO called: Young Europeans Association which is a part of Young European Federalists. I travel as much as possible and in October I will start my Erasmus exchange in Magdeburg, Germany.

Daniel Laudy

Hi, my name is Daniel Laudy, 21 years old and I am from Germany. Politics have fascinated me since I was a child, so I decided to study Political Science at the University of Duisburg and Essen. I love to discover new places and to get in touch with people. In my free time, I love doing sports, hanging out with friends and going to the cinema. Since I have already profited so much from a united Europe, I want to help spread the European idea and want to learn more about the pupil’s thoughts on Europe. Furthermore Europe-Mobile will be a fantastic experience for me, as I will get to know new people from all over Europe and will be able to discover a new part of Germany!

Katharina Lorenz

My name is Katharina Lorenz and I‘m 23 years old. Currently I am living in Berlin where I‘m almost finished with my bachelor degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology as well as Political Science. I have participated in various intercultural and educational programs, lived in different countries, traveled and thus always enjoyed working with and meeting people from different places. Equally, I always enjoyed working with young people. Europe (and the European Union) seems to be an increasingly important topic against the background of current political and societal developments – which is why I believe Europamobil is a great project and chance to explore ‚Europe‘ with people from various countries and pupils. of the world. I am sure that this experience will help me to strengthen my skills and to build good relations with other young Europeans, all joined together to show the young face of the Europe of the future. I can’t wait to start!

Allison Madriaga

My name is Allison, and I am 20 years old. I am a student of History, Politics and Economics BA at UCL (University College London). I was born and raised in Silicon Valley, California but studied in the Philippines for a year. Therefore, I can read, speak and/or write in English, French, Ilocano and Tagalog. I am participating in Europe-Mobile because I aim to become an international lawyer based in Europe, specialising in human rights due to my recent studies of central and east European history, international relations as well as politics. Before I attended university, I taught students through a children’s literacy non-profit organisation called Reading Partners so I know how education can empower any student. Other fun facts about me: I like to sing and travel!

Charlotte MCGauran

Dia Duit! My name is Charlotte McGauran but everyone calls me Charlie. I am a twenty year old from Cavan in Ireland. I am a student in the National University of Ireland Maynooth and I have just completed my first year studying Law, Spanish and European Studies. I love learning languages and I can speak in English, Irish, French and Spanish. I am a really interested in politics and I love everything about Europe and I hope to spend the next few weeks making students as fascinate and interested in Europe as I am. Apart from Europe I love music and I do a little DJing, I also have a radio show called ’Life According to Charlie’. I’m so excited to be part of this years Europe-Mobile as I am inspired by meeting new people and I love learning about different cultures. I can’t wait to meet everyone in Berlin!

Natalia Piotrowicz

My name is Natalia Piotrowicz, I was born and raised in Poland. Since becoming a scheming political advisor to one of the Habsburgs or ruling over a polis is no longer an option in the 21st century, I have opted for a career in diplomacy. Accordingly, I have pursued higher education abroad, although my heart has never really left Poland. I have a restless soul of a traveller and undying passion for history. I am an archer and a runner. I enjoy literature and costume dramas. My dream is to see every corner of Europe and to serve my country the best way I can.

Verena Riedmiller

Hey, I am Verena, 21 years old. I grew up in Munich, Germany and moved to Maastricht in the Netherlands to study. After graduating from European studies, I founded the NGO CUBE. Your Take on Europe in order to put all my time and energy into finding new strategies to make European youth participation accessible to all young people in the region. In the last year, I had to the chance to work on CUBE in Sweden and Germany and exploring ways of how we can make the voice of all young people heard!

Victoria Rivas Santiago

Hi Everybody! My name is Victoria Rivas and I´m 23 years. I come from a historic beautiful village in Northwest Spain but I have been living in Salamanca for five years. There, I studied my Law´s Degree and my European Studies Master´s Degree. During these studies I´ve learnt a lot about European Union and its values which I believe to be one of the most brilliant achievements of our time and now more than ever needs to be defended. That´s why I think ´´Europe-Mobile´´ is so important and I am sure that it will help me to strengthen my skills and to build good relations with other young Europeans from whom to learn. Therefore, I´m very excited about being part of the Team 2017 and can´t wait to start. See you soon in Brandenburg!

Irène Sabarly

Hi! My name is Irène and I am 24 years old. I´m Franco-German and I live in the North of France where I can enjoy the sea all year round. In my trinational Master in French and German studies I have the chance to study in three countries – Germany, France and Luxembourg – and so to experience the meaning of a Europe of open borders. I strongly believe that education is the key to share a better understanding of Europe and European values and to motivate young people to experience Europe themselves and broaden their horizon. I love to travel, to learn new languages, to discover new places and meet new interesting people. I´m very excited to be part of the Europemobile team 2017!

Nuria Schäfer

Hello everyone! May I present myself shortly. I’m Nuria and I’ve already lived 23 years on this wonderful planet. I feel European due to my bicultural background, German-Spanish. As I have always been interested in history and the complex social structures that formed our identities in Europe, I decided to study Archaeology in Freiburg, Dublin and Basel. What I like most about Archaeology is the intercultural contact, both with the past and present.
In my spare-time I love to travel, meet new people and broaden my knowledge about politics and Europe. Therefore I am always looking forward to getting to know new cultures and to meet fellow young Europeans and Europe-Mobile in Brandenburg!

Nikolina Sladojevic

My name is Nikolina and I’m coming from Bosnia and Herzegovina. I’m currently studying Bachelor’s Degree Program in Political Science at the University of Vienna. I’m a former AFS exchange student and a current trainer at the EFIL’s (European Federation for Intercultural Learning) Pool of Trainers. I enjoy working with youth and for youth, my main point of interest is youth activism and intercultural learning. In my spare time, I’m a person that likes to travel, meet new people, watch sunsets and read.

Justin Treutlein

My Name is Justin, I’m turning to 21 and I’m studying European Studies at the University of Passau. I’m very looking forward to ameliorate my competences and gain more experiences in such a great project. Under the aegis of Genshagen Foundation proceeded Europe Mobile 2017 in Brandenburg strikes me optimally suitable to take up a new challenge. Europe is our future. We must care about and not destroy it! In order to do so, we have to understand its complex institutions. As a so called Young European Professional (YEP), I’m still teaching political sciences with a focus on Europe at educational institutions. I’m very looking forward to give Youngsters my knowledge in such a great project.

Marusa Turnsek

I am Maruša Turnšek, a 22-year-old Slovenian who studies International Relations at Faculty of Social Science at University of Ljubljana. My hobbies include hiking and travelling, I also don’t mind a good book or TV show, and I absolutely love working at the local youth hostel.
This year I participated in an Erasmus exchange, I did two semesters in Bordeaux, France. There I discovered how much I like being a part of international environment, from meeting new people to learning new languages. I very much enjoyed learning about the topics that interest me, such as European Union, and at the same time understanding other people point of view of the problems. I believe that international opportunities such as Erasmus or Europe Mobile are golden, since everyone that participates gets something from it! Therefore, I am very happy to be a part of this project!

Nina Ziller

Being part of Europe-Mobile absolutely represents my wish to support education and tolerance. Especially our generation needs to feel the importance of Europe, it’s solidarity and diversity. Alongside my studies in social- and communication science I love to travel, meet friends or play theatre and others often describe me as an impressionable, ironic person. Getting to know different people and cultures personally feels like the best way to understand society and teaches empathy at once.

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In 2018, from September 04 to September 29, Europe-Mobile returns once again to the federal state of Brandenburg in Germany. Students of European studies, Political, Social or Cultural Sciences as well as Economics or other relevant disciplines from all EU countries can apply until July 01, 2018!

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Europe-Mobile ended up its tour!

“The project provided me with new perspectives and teaching methods as well as the feeling that we are all part of Europe. The exchange with the pupils was fun and I am sure that we aroused their curiosity about Europe.”
(Teresa Herrmann, Student, Germany)

„After this experience, I consider an exchange year somewhere in Europe.“(Pupil, Brandenburg)